EMS Shipping Method

💡 Shopping on our website is made easy by an automatic calculation of shipment price(s). During the purchase process, you will be asked to enter/select: Country and/or State/Province and/or Zip code. Based on your selection you will be presented with the corresponding Shipping Methods. Meaning it is not necessary to know/remember the information below. It is simply presented for your reference.

What is EMS?

What is EMS? | EMS – Express Mail Service

EMS on Wikipedia

Can I track my shipment online using EMS?

See the list of counties that also include tracking of package option under EMS service.

Which countries are covered as destinations for shipping to Israel, under the EMS service?

Albania Cyprus Laos Portugal
Antilles – Netherlands Czech Republic Latvia Romania
Argentina Denmark Lithuania Russia
Armenia Ecuador Luxembourg Rwanda
Aruba El Salvador Macao Senegal
Australia Estonia Macedonia Singapore
Austria Ethiopia Madagascar Slovakia
Azerbaijan Finland Maldives Slovenia
Bahamas France Mali Solomon Islands
Barbados Gabon Malta South Korea
Belarus Georgia Mauritania Spain
Belgium Germany Mauritius Sweden
Benin Ghana Mexico Switzerland
Bermuda Great Britain Moldova Taiwan
Bhutan Greece Mongolia Tanzania
Bosnia-Herzegovina Guyana Montenegro Thailand
Botswana Hong Kong Mozambique Tunisia
Brazil Hungary Myanmar Uganda
Bulgaria Iceland Nepal Ukraine
Canada India Netherlands United States of America
Cayman Islands Ireland New Zealand Uruguay
Chile Italy Norway Uzbekistan
China-People’s Rep. Ivory Coast Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Colombia Jamaica Paraguay Venezuela
Costa Rica Japan Peru Vietnam
Croatia Jordan Philippines Zambia
Cuba Kazakhstan Poland Zimbabwe
Curacao Kenya

Expected & Estimated Delivery Time*

*Based on info from official website of the Israel Postal Company

Estimated delivery time for most destinations***: 5-7 business days,

Estimated delivery time to Australia and Hong Kong: 10-12 business days.

***For more info (which countries are considered “most destinations”) and for more accurate information regarding your specific destination call Tel: + 972 76 887 0007, or contact us, we would be happy to help and find out information for you.